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Happy Labour Day
May 01, 2024
Today is Labour Day, a special day dedicated to celebrating and honoring the hard work of laborers. On this special day, Norman Company salutes all workers who strive for excellence. Whether in humble, behind-the-scenes roles or at the forefront of innovation, every individual's contributions and perseverance drive our society forward.

To all workers, your hard work is the foundation of social progress. Every bit of effort, every moment of persistence, deserves our remembrance and gratitude. It is your relentless efforts that allow our communities to thrive and our lives to improve. You are the pillars of countless families, the engine of economic development, and the cornerstone of social stability.

On this special day, we hope you can set aside the pressures of work and fully enjoy the honor and recognition you deserve. Whether reuniting with family, gathering with friends, or enjoying a moment of peace alone, we hope you feel the gratitude and respect from society. Your hard work and perseverance are the reasons we celebrate today and the motivation for our continued progress in the future.

Labour Day is not just a holiday; it is a profound respect for the hard work of all laborers. On this occasion, Norman Company sincerely wishes every worker a Happy Labour Day! May every bit of your effort be rewarded, and may every effort be sincerely remembered. Thank you, today belongs to you!

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